Thursday, April 15, 2010

Viola Desmond Pardoned

Budget estimates continue today in the legislature. But a break was taken to recognize and officially pardon Viola Desmond.

Ms. Desmond, respresented at the legislature by her sister, was charged with tax evasion for sitting in the white only section of a New Glasgow theatre.

I looked up in the legislature and saw Wayne Adams who was the first black MLA in Nova Scotia. He joined the celebrations.

It was heartwarming to be in the legislature for this important moment in Nova Scotia history.

This announcement is on the heels of a long awaited apology for former Africville residents by the Halifax Regional Municipality. We've come a long way in Nova Scotia since Viola Desmond was removed by police from a New Glasgow theatre, but we must acknowledge we still have a ways to go and we should not give up the fight against injustice, discrimination, and racism.